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Workout woes & muffins!

I have to say, it’s quite ironic that the same week I start a blog on running (and food of course!) I have one of the worst running weeks. Funny how that happens huh?

I’m not quite sure what was going this week but running just felt hard. It started last Sunday with that 5 miler on Mother’s Day. Then this week:

Monday: 4M (8:29 pace)

Thursday: 3M (8:35 pace)/2.3M later in the day (a random, untimed run with the husband including a hill of death)

The thing is, my times aren’t bad at all in fact, they’re pretty good for me. But my legs just felt like Jell-O each time. Each step was torturous. I know it’s normal to have “off” days and I’ve definitely had my fair share. These were different. Pretty discouraging actually.

So, yesterday I decided to take it indoors. It was gloomy out anyway, which I guess is my internal justification for choosing the treadmill in May. I was curious to see if a run inside would feel just as hard.

Meet my home gym. In the basement. P1012542

And Ginger. She’s my workout buddy. Anytime I even open the basement door she’s up, off her bed, and by my side in about 2.5 seconds. She will stand next to the treadmill for the entire time I’m on it with her head just enough over the side so that her wet nose hits my leg with each stride. Not.annoying.at.all.



Yes, that would be the electrical panel and central vacuum canister next to my treadmill.  It’s glamorous, I know. You can be jealous.

Let’s talk about the treadmill.


This baby is actually my in-laws that we inherited. It’s a Nordic Track but, about 10 years old. We have a love/hate relationship and not for reasons you’d suspect (treadmills are so boring, etc.) No, it’s more because this thing is possessed. Last year my husband replaced the computer/mother board thingy inside (the tread wouldn’t actually move) and it hasn’t been the same since. Imagine this, you’re cruising along at a speed interval of somewhere between 7-8 mph and then BAM! the treadmill comes to a complete stop. No warning. Now, if you’re like me you’ve got your headphones on and are trying to look anywhere but the screen to avoid the monotonous ticking of the clock or better yet, the “dots” on your 1/4 mile track display. Yeah, well that makes it interesting when you’re mid stride at 7-8 mph and the treadmill just stops. And by interesting I mean it sends you flying into the display not knowing what the hell happened with a freaked out dog by your side.  The icing on the cake is now that you’ve face planted into the treadmill screen you realize it’s lost all your data and is blank. When you’re trying not to look at the screen out of boredom it’s hard to remember how far you’ve gone to this point and that pisses me off even more than the damn thing just stopping for no reason. And that’s our love/hate relationship.

A-n-y-w-a-y. Back to the actual run.

I decided to do a sort of HIIT workout since all my runs this past week were pretty much just steady state stuff.


Love Adele Smile 

The workout goes down further than you can see for 20 minutes. It’s pretty simple actually, not sure why I thought I couldn’t remember the details and found it necessary to write it down because after a quick 2 min walk warm-up it just alternates between 5 and 8 every other minute. For the first 10 minutes I set the incline to 4 when I’m at 5 mph. After that it just gets too hard so I keep everything at a 1 on the incline.

Ends up being about 2 miles of running by the end. And it leaves you sweaty.


Self portraits in a mirror = not so easy.

The verdict? It felt good! Well, as good as a HIIT workout ever feels. My legs felt normal though and that made me feel better about the last 3 crappy runs outside. Maybe it was just an off few days. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the fact that all 3 of those runs were basically on an empty stomach (stupid, I know). Whatever it was, I hope it’s done with because tomorrow is the HOHA 5 mile race! My only goal is to beat last year’s time of 42:46. I hope my legs cooperate. Smile

Since I was pretty pumped about my workout after that. These happened.





Thank you Mama Pea. D-e-l-c-i-0-u-s.



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