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Camera crazed

This might be the only time that I was actually happy with a gloomy, rainy Saturday. The weather gave me a great excuse to get a ton done at home and play with my new camera all day. I usually never read manuals but there are so many settings and buttons on this camera that I figured I needed a little help. I really want to learn how to use the camera, not just shoot in automatic programmed modes otherwise it’s barely worth the investment in my opinion. So, I stuck the instructional CD into my computer and then proceeded to lose 3 hours of my life on the couch yesterday morning while trying to read and comprehend everything it outlined. Bad idea. I don’t learn well by reading, I need to actually do it. After 3 hours my head was spinning and I was getting frustrated by how little sense it all made so I took a break and cleaned the entire house, did NWOLFW and went for a 3.5 mile run. By that point I had calmed down a bit about all the camera lingo and decided to just go outside with my lunch and play around. Everything here was shot in manual. I had apertures, shutter speeds and ISO all confused and it’s pretty evident in the first few takes. Over exposed, under exposed, etc…


Getting even more frustrated at this point now that the pictures are looking worse than with my point and shoot.


Then I figured it out! I hadn’t realized that as you adjust the ISO, shutter speed and aperture that it shows you the exposure meter and it should be somewhere close to the middle. Mine was not. Hence the either really bright or really dark pictures. Once I figured that out things started to get better.


And then I had some fun playing around with the depth of field.


Focused grill, slightly blurry grill, very blurry grill. Woohoo!


Love this one.



Flowers got a little boring so I decided I needed to cook or bake something that I could photograph. But, I didn’t really feel like cooking or baking anything. Then Averie’s raw chocolate chip dough balls popped into my head! Except, I didn’t have any cashews so I subbed them out for almonds instead. The rest of the recipe is exactly the same so check it out on her site if you’re interested. It’s like a  dough ball meets Larabar and the result is pretty darn tasty.IMG_0154IMG_0156IMG_0160IMG_0164IMG_0170

And now I’m hooked on 2 things:

-photographing everything


raw dough balls (I have a ton of variations I now want to try after tasting these)

If you have a DSLR what are some of your best tips? Do you shoot in manual? Any good photography blog posts out there you recommend?



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