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What’s not to love?

Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement on the previous post! They made my day seeing them pop up in my email as they came in.

Let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about why people choose to spend 4 years at a place that has to deal with this.



When places like this exist.

street with palms

Seriously. I so wish I could go and do college over again. It would not be in central Pennsylvania. Just sayin.


This was my first time on Stanford’s campus and it now ranks up there in my top 5 favorites. The entire perimeter road of campus is pretty much lined with these wildflowers. So pretty.

We happened to have a meeting next door to this building.

theta 1kite sign

Any fellow Theta’s out there? After spotting my sorority building, my coworker got to listen to me recite rush songs for 20 minutes. Can you sing the entire Greek alphabet? I can! See, Greek life actually teaches you something besides how to party. Winking smile Any Dickinson Theta’s out there reading this are totally singing that song right now. It’s impossible to get out of your head!

One of my favorite things we saw on campus though was this food cart in the parking lot near the facilities shops. I need a food cart outside my office.

food cart

I got yelled at by the woman in the truck for taking a picture. I took it anyway. Nobody working the truck or eating from the truck spoke English. Maybe I looked like immigration officer? Because, don’t they all wear Ann Taylor Loft outfits?

We had 2 meetings on campus and then we had some time to kill before heading up to USF in the city later in the afternoon (another one of my top 5 favorites) so we stopped by a nearby outdoor shopping area. This is something I really miss about FL. Outdoor shopping places are just so nice. Who wants to go inside a dingy mall when the weather is gorgeous out?

It was lined with huge, beautiful flower pots.

flower potflower in pot

Had a farmer’s market inside the shopping area.



With an inside gourmet market too!

food binsdried fruitcheeseflowers 2

It was torture being in there and not really being able to buy anything. Unfortunately, I don’t think a hunk of cheese would do so well on the 6 hour flight home.

We ate lunch outside at Pizzeria Babbo. No relation to Mario’s place unfortunately, but still amazingly good. I had a pizza with feta, olives, roasted tomatoes and a basil pesto.


If I didn’t despise the whole “nom nom nom” phrase the blog world seems to love for occasions like these I’d totally use it. But, I do. So, let’s go with “holy friggin’ yum”. That’s more my style. I ate all but 1 slice and I definitely could’ve finished the entire thing it was so good, but we happened to see this on the way in.

cupcakes on displau

Hello, Sprinkles cupcakes. Get in my belly.

cupcake 3 togethercupcake close up

See that empty spot with the wax paper in it? We ordered 3 and when I opened the box and saw that I got so excited thinking they wrapped us up an extra or some free sweet treat. Wrong. Just a ball of wax paper. Total buzzkill.

Right before complete domination.

cupcake 1

Note to any of you lucky ducks able to frequent this place: don’t eat the circle thing that kinda looks like a nipple. It tastes like cardboard. I’m glad it wasn’t in my last bite.

I’d love to say the day ended with an awesome meal in downtown San Francisco but my coworker flew home last night and once again I’ve tortured myself with a 6am flight back east so I went directly to the hotel, did some work and ordered an appetizer portion of hummus for room service. It was gross and my last dip into it included a big, black piece of plastic. I think part of the blender broke off into the hummus. I don’t have dental insurance Hilton Garden Inn, had I broken a tooth I might’ve sued. Consider yourself lucky.

You win some you lose some.

Back to NY…


If you could do it over, would you pick the same place for college?

What’s your favorite cupcake place? I’m partial to Crumbs. There’s one outside of Grand Central and anytime I take the train into the city I stop in. Totally worth the 550 calories that they so nicely post on each cupcake for your nutritional knowledge.



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