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A fabulous Friday

It started with an amazing bowl of oatmeal on a sunny deck.


An impromptu lunch time tanning session. These pale legs need some sun!


A kicking lunch. First time I put avocado in a tuna salad. Best idea ever! The avocado makes it creamy. No need for mayo here. Pepper, tomatoes, avocado & a peach #projectvegup!!


An after work 4 mile run. This was a tough run! I got to the parking lot of the trail, turned on my Garmin and it said “batteries low”. I took that as a sign to just ditch it and go with the flow. Definitely glad I did because this was a slow run with a couple of untimed walking breaks. I am so sore right now from the lunges in workout 1B of NWOLFW that my legs just did not want to go fast. The type A in me would’ve been staring at the Garmin the entire time getting pissed at myself for my average pace. Without it though, I was able to think about why it was such a hard run and realize it’s probably all my body can handle right now. I still ran 4 miles. 1.5 years ago I would’ve laughed at the thought of that. Smile

photo 2

An absolute gorgeous day.

photo 3

photo 1

The new trail even has signs about the area. This makes me feel better about my taxes, at least I know all about the creek I’m running over for our $8K a year. photo 4

We actually had intentions to go hiking early in the evening but I got hit like a freight train with a wave of exhaustion around 6:30 and it just wasn’t happening. Almost gave up on dinner, but then got my second wind.<—No idea what was going on!


Beer helps.


Last 2 chicken sausages!


Then things got wild.



Sweats and flip flops. Living the dream.


And even wilder.



Since our Friday night was so riveting, I’ll leave you with a video of Ginger trying to channel her inner Mishka.

She needs some work.

Can your dog/cat/furball of any sort do any cool tricks?



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Dublin Day 2

After a fish and chips induced 5 hour coma we actually made it back out at 10:30pm last night. The weird part…it was still light outside. I had no idea Ireland was like Alaska and stays light that late. It really messes you up. We also wrongly assumed that Ireland, being a European country and all would be like Spain, France and Italy and serve dinner really late by American standards so we went out for a drink before finding a place to eat only to find out every restaurant was closing for the night. Fail. We had 2 choices, Indian Curry House or Ray’s Pizza. After the fish and chips sitting like rocks in our stomachs we choose the safer option of pizza. It was really good pizza but it didn’t really scream “Irish”.P1012895

Lesson learned, eat earlier.

After pizza we wandered around a bit until we found a bar called Harry’s that was a great time. The bar tender, who was amazing and super nice, is actually moving to NYC to take a job there, small world. He hooked us up throughout the night and suggested some sort of espresso martini for Doreen. Amazing.P1012900


These pictures are horrible with the flash but it was basically pitch black inside.

We also all had a round of “baby Guinness”. I think they were Kahlua and Baileys. Cute and tasty.


And that’s the most drinking I’ve done in one night in ages. Not sure if I should be happy & proud or ashamed of that?

We ended the night around 3am, still a little out of it with the time change. It was a late start this morning but I’m hoping sleeping until 11am got us all sorted out with the missed sleep from the day before. We decided to take a day trip to Bray, about 30 minutes by train from Dublin to hike up a mountain and explore the seaside town.



That mountain behind their heads is what we climbed up.


Ulysses finally found something with his name on it. We always look for his name on key chains and mugs in souvenir type shops just to see if they ever have it (they don’t) so finding this place which I think was a B&B was funny.


It was windy. The hair only gets worse from here on out.





The view facing Bray from the top. It was about a 1.3 mile hike up. Makes me feel better about not having run for 4 days now. Winking smile I actually did bring a Jillian Michael’s workout DVD. I’ll put money on not actually using it though. We’ve been walking so much there’s no way I’m even thinking about extra exercise when we get back to the hotel.


It was so windy at the top, I think if I jumped off I seriously would’ve been able to fly.


This picture is probably giving my mom an anxiety attack just looking at it. Pictures don’t really do justice to how high up this was.



We followed the trail around the top of the mountain a little until heading back down. Apparently they use donkeys or horses on these trails too.



After the hike, we were more than ready for lunch. Ulysses has a knack for picking places that look horrible from the outside but end up being great on the inside and serving amazing food. This was one of them, Porterhouse Brewery. No outside pics because it was cold, windy and we were hungry! The inside was dark, and everything you’d probably think of when you think Irish + pub + good food. We sat next to a fireplace and warmed up with some beers. Doreen and I shared a sampler including a stout of theirs that had won all sorts of awards. It was really good and I’m not even a huge stout fan. It tasted like it had hints of espresso, kahlua,  and licorice. Nothing wrong with that!


Restaurant lighting here is not conducive to pictures.


The food was incredibly good. That is a wooden dowel holding the burger together, not a toothpick, to give you an idea of size. I actually had a vegetarian chickpea and vegetable stew that was excellent. I think it was the first taste of vegetables I’ve had in 2 days.

After a sleepy train ride back to Dublin we walked around a little more before heading back to the hotel around 8pm. Just as we literally said how great the weather held up considering it was supposed to rain all day, the skies opened up into a downpour 5 minutes from the hotel. We were drenched. The heat is currently blasting in the hotel room to attempt to dry sneakers and pants.

Tomorrow we leave Dublin headed to Cork. We’re spending the day visiting places in between the two cities including Cashel and Blarney. If we make it out of Dublin without getting lost or driving on the wrong side I’ll call it a win. Smile


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Glimpses of Dublin

We made it. We only drove down the wrong side of the street twice (thankfully at 6am the streets were more or less clear). We drank some Guinness. We ate fish and chips. We’ve been awake 30 hours now. We’re tired.



Tasted just as bad as it looks.




Before we got lost. 10 times.


Much needed.


Adrian’s “full Irish breakfast”.



Best scone of my life.



Chocolate at 9am? Ok.



Trinity College.


Sleep deprived.


Ulysses: “Who’s Oscar Wilde?” Me: “Are you really my husband?”




Roasted barley.


My “ROAR” face.



Still not a huge Guinness fan.


Tasted like funnel cake with fish. Might be the unhealthiest food I’ve ever eaten.


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