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Flyin’ first class…

I did it! I actually woke up to workout early yesterday morning. I am not a morning person. AM workouts just don’t happen for me. I’m lethargic and tired, not fresh and awake like all you morning workout peeps out there say you are. My body just cooperates better in the afternoon. So this was a huge feat for me! This is how I felt about it at 6 but, that’s how committed to NWOLFW I am. Smile


Hello bags under eyes!

It was a long day of flying and waiting in airports. The worst part about flying the entire day and gaining 3 hours is how much more I want to eat. I left my house at 8am and didn’t get to bed in LA until midnight pacific time. Being awake that long means my body wants an extra meal! One of the redeeming features of the Delta terminal at JFK is it’s amenities when it comes to food. The terminal itself is absolutely disgusting. It’s old, dingy and there are literally birds flying throughout the terminal like it’s an aviary or something .With birds comes bird crap. In the terminal. Gross. But, the kiosks with coconut water and Food for Life chips make up for it. As long as I don’t get crapped on.

My first meal (after breakfast at home) was lunch. Consumed in comfort.

leg room

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pics. I was being “stealth blogger”. Whipping out a camera in a plane just seemed awkward.

See that? That’s a first class seat and a bulk head row. Doesn’t get much better. Smile Anytime I get upgraded to first class I immediately start singing Black Eyed Peas “Glamorous” in my head. Flyin’ first claaass up in the sky….

full lunch

The sandwich was kinda nasty. Only ate about 2/3 of it.

I had a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis so that required some nourishment too.


Have you tried their new Frappuccino flavor, mocha coconut? It is worth every single calorie good! This is probably only the second Frappuccino I’ve ever had but I can guarantee you I will be having more now that this exists. After nursing that bad boy and getting some work done for an hour or so, I got bored.

Want to know how to kill some time in the Minneapolis airport if you ever happen to be stuck there for 3 hours? Walk the entire airport 3 times. It’s a huge square shape. If you don’t take the moving walks it will take you about 15-20 minutes. Do that with a carry-on, a computer bag and a purse and you’ve got yourself a nice little impromptu workout! It felt good to move around a bit considering how much time I spent sitting all day.

My flight to LA didn’t depart until 5:30pm which was really 6:30pm for me so of course I was getting hungry but I had plans to grab dinner with my coworker once we got to LA. Enter hummus, veggies and pretzels.

snack hummus

I love these new little hummus packages Sabra now sells. Perfect for traveling and double score that the kiosk had a veggie platter (even though I found a tiny fly stuck to the last vegetable in the tray when I was eating it). It was the perfect amount to hold me over until LA. Love how veggies fill you up but have such a low calorie content.

Dinner was actually the best meal of the day and guess what? No picture! Ahh bad blogger! It’s just not second nature yet for me to take pictures of everything. I didn’t remember until we were done and in the car. But visualize an Asian/Mexican food truck turns bricks and mortar and you’ve got Komodo, the place we ate in LA. Small joint with good, food truck quality eats. I had a brown rice bowl with some awesome spicy seasoned shrimp and shared some truffle fries with my coworker.

Julie inspired me with her post yesterday. Look out for a post later this week all about my feelings on my first month of blogging.

Do you workout in the morning or afternoon?

What are your go to foods/snacks while traveling?



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A day of eats on the road

While I have no intentions of making this blog a food journal (I’m just not disciplined enough for that), I thought it would be fun to go through a day of eats when I’m on the road. There are so many good posts out there about how to eat healthy when traveling and I usually follow a lot of the basic advice but, I found this trip to be particularly challenging. I was traveling with 3 other co-workers, we had one car and there was no down time.


As a company, we’re Hilton loyal. I love Hilton Garden Inn’s because I think they have the best breakfast options. Part of that is of course because it’s free once you are high enough up the ranks of Hilton’s reward program. But anywhere there is oatmeal, there is potential!


What looks like mush on the bottom right hand side of the picture is actually oatmeal. It definitely had a funky gray color to it and was starting to congeal on the top but I literally scrapped that off and took some from the bottom. Try not to think about how long it may have been sitting out there. It’s still a way better option than those biscuits or the bacon you can barely see in this picture. Smile 

I’ve noticed that if a hotel has oatmeal they usually tend to have some toppings too.


(brown sugar, walnuts and raisins)

I wasn’t a huge fan of how “thick” the oatmeal was (probably from sitting there for a couple of hours) so I added some milk to thin it out.


Then, the best parts.


Hotels  always have some loose fruit options. Usually, bananas, apples and/or oranges. If you don’t see bananas…ASK! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just asked someone and they have them in the back but didn’t put them out for some reason.  Usually, I travel with peanut butter packets. Justin’s and Barney Butter are my favorites. I totally forgot this trip so I just used the Smucker’s the hotel had. Is it ideal? No. Will it kill me this one time? No again.



Insert 2 cups of much needed coffee here. I also stole an apple for later thinking I’d use it as a morning snack or lunch add-on.


We had absolutely no say in lunch. The college we were at provided the food. Boxed lunches. Unfortunately, I was one of the last people to grab mine and all that was left was the turkey option. I usually grab whatever the veggie option is since it’s most often the healthiest but, no luck this time.


Pretty huh? That’s my apple stolen from breakfast. If I hadn’t grabbed that my lunch would’ve literally just been a slimy turkey sandwich and that lovely yellow, mayo laden potato salad. Oh, and don’t forget the 1 piece of lettuce and 2 slices of tomato! Needless to say, lunch left much to be desired. I ate about half the turkey sandwich as it was all I could stomach and the apple.


Surprisingly, the snacks provided actually included a pretty decent trail mix which I inhaled about 2 hours later after the pretty pathetic lunch. Half a sandwich just doesn’t cut it for me. Ever.



We had no time between the end of the day on campus and the airport because of our flight times so it was the Gainesville airport for dinner. I had a connection in Atlanta and would’ve much preferred to eat there as there are tons of options, but with a 47 minute layover I knew I’d be running to the next terminal/gate.


This is seriously the only option in the Gainesville airport. It’s kind of comical. The one guy working there takes your order, rings you out, cooks your food, and then serves you. Customer service at it’s best! The menu was fried, fried, and more fried but, I found a garden burger or a turkey avocado wrap as 2 potential options. I went with the latter and picked off about half the wrap. It was actually halfway decent. At least better than I expected.



I still wasn’t satisfied though so I got some snacks.


This was seriously one of the best apples I’ve ever had. Apples are one of my least favorite fruits, especially red apples. I’m more of a Granny Smith gal. I didn’t have high hopes for this one wrapped in cellophane and sitting in the counter fruit basket for who knows how long but, it was tasty! I ate about half the bar. Wasn’t a huge fan.


I knew I had to switch to terminal B for my connection which has a Freshens (is it sad I know which terminals have what food options in Atlanta?) so when we landed about 5 minutes early I booked it there to get this baby.


Froyo just makes the world a better place. Smile

Sometimes traveling can be fun and a little like  “Up in the Air”. Other times, it can be like a slimy turkey sandwich boxed lunch. Looking forward to getting home and having a meal I actually cook and getting a run in! Even if I had the time this trip I’m not sure I would’ve been out in the 95 degree weather to pound the pavement. It.was.hot.

I’m thinking swordfish and stuffed tomatoes are on tap for tonight. If they turn out well maybe I’ll share Winking smile.


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Airport insights & Mildred’s Big City Food

Yesterday started here.


Westchester County airport. I love flying out of here because it’s only 45 minutes from my house and beats the hell that is traveling to and from JFK. This is the entire gate area. I’m standing in one corner of the room, yes 1 room, and you can see the other end pretty clearly. At 6:30 in the morning with 4 flights boarding at the same time it’s much like herding cattle. Or at least what I’d assume herding cattle is like as my allergies would never let me get close enough to experience that!

Any airport makes for excellent people watching material, but I really enjoy this one. There are mostly 2 types of people who fly out of Westchester.

  1. The “high profile” (or at least they think so) business travelers who probably work in NYC making bank and use this airport because it’s close to their home in Greenwich/Stamford/Westchester. They can be identified by their expensive suits, Rolex watches and refusal to look away from their smart phones at all costs.
  2. The same “high profile” business traveler who is just now into retirement from that life, still living in their affluent suburban neighborhoods, but now flying to their second home in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, or Fort Lauderdale. The men can be identified by their pink or yellow polo shirts and navy blazers with gold buttons. The women by their ridiculous amount of gold jewelry. 

I can personally attest to the latter as I lived in West Palm for 2 years and there would be more NY, NJ and CT license plates on the road than FL ones most of the time. The best part about these migratory retirees though is their incredible ability to have forgotten all they know about airport security from their golden years of travel. No matter how many times a TSA agent shouts to remove laptops or DVD players from their bag and put them in their own bin, someone inevitably neglects to do so holding up the whole line. “Do my shoes need to come off?” Oh no, of course not, everyone else is just standing barefoot for the heck of it. We like the feel of the lovely airport carpet under our toes. “Liquids?, I can’t take my liquids!?” Have you been been living in a bubble for the last 5 years? Yes, it’s been 5 years since the 3 oz. liquid rule has been in effect. Why do I know that? Because, it was the weekend of my bachelorette party that they initiated it.


(actually from a second bachelorette party, but same wonderful tiara. The expression is thanks to a “surfers on acid” shot…yum)

Not having accumulated any 3 oz. bottles to travel with yet (now I hoard them from hotels), I checked my bag on the way to Baltimore to party it up with my bridesmaids. It was the one and only time my bag has ever been lost. I spent my bachelorette out in Fells Point wearing one bridesmaid’s skirt, another’s jewelry, and the granny panties I had on from that morning. Many drinks later, some random guy in a bar decided it would be a good idea to pick me up in the chaos of the bar/music (people just get crazy when you’re wearing a “bachelorette” tiara). I started screaming to put me down as that borrowed skirt was NOT long enough to cover the granny panties when lifted in the air. And that, is why I will always remember the liquid law being started in August of 2006. Before you think I’m incredibly insensitive, as these are “older” people, let me say that I do not get annoyed when families with children don’t know these things or people who just “look” like they don’t travel frequently. The people I’m talking about are EX-BUSINESS MEN/WOMEN who probably used to travel weekly and still travel back and forth to their “winter homes” yet somehow think they are above the TSA regulations.

I could probably write an entire blog dedicated to airports and the crazy things and people you see in them but back to food…

If you read yesterday’s post you know we were headed to Mildred’s Big City for dinner in Gainesville. I was a little leery about the place at first considering their website was still advertising 2010’s New Year’s Eve menu but boy was I wrong!


Apparently this place doesn’t really want to be found because it’s in a pretty run-down strip mall, it’s plastic sign on the strip mall frontage was blown on to the roof so you couldn’t read it, and the entrance is on the side covered in vines. Combine that with their website and they are pretty much a marketer’s worst nightmare. The food however, is obviously what makes them successful. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting much from Gainesville’s cuisine and I’m kind of shocked there’s even a market for a place like this when the rest of the “city” is littered with fast food meccas (nothing wrong with a little Chick-fil-A though!) and populated with 50,000 students.

The first thing greeting you when you walk in are the lovely desserts. Mostly different cheesecakes, but there was a carrot cake in there too.


Dessert is the best part of any meal so I was sold immediately.

Two things caught my eye on the menu. First, the beet salad.



Second, the flounder. I was actually going to go with the Salmon at first but then found out it was farm raised in Scotland and I’m just not down with my fish coming that far only to have been farm raised. I think farm raising is disgusting. Have you ever seen a fish farm? There are so many fish in such tight quarters that if you tried to walk on top of the water I bet you could. Gross.


This was off.the.hook good. You see that stuff on the left that looks like whipped cream? It was goat cheese. Goat cheese with a whipped cream consistency. The perfect bite included a little zest of that lemon preserve for the zing factor but, also some of that pistachio cream sauce which bordered on the sweet side.P1012461

The flounder was definitely good, it just didn’t have anything that made it outstanding (like the preserved lemon zest in the beets). I’d never had flounder that was that thick before. It was almost as thick as halibut.

And then this happened.P1012462


Those would be marble cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. Four of us shared these two and there were still leftovers. The chocolate peanut butter cheesecake was so thick and rich that if you took a forkful you couldn’t actually get it all off the fork with one try without it looking like you were making out with your utensil. 

Glad we fit this meal in because today includes a hotel breakfast, hotel lunch and airport dinner. Not really looking forward to it…


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