Pancakes were the winner for breakfast with the strawberry + ginger sauce.


It was like eating dessert at 8am.

The rest of Saturday was pretty random.

A friend’s baby shower for twin boys took up most of the afternoon. It was  super cute and they had the best looking cake I’ve ever seen at a shower but I didn’t snap any pictures because I was about 1 of 2 people there not part of the family and it just felt weird. People probably would’ve been wondering who the strange girl with the camera was.

I’ve always been amazed at how much stuff one baby “needs” but now after seeing the amount of gifts for twins I’m in pure shock. All I could think about was this Netflix documentary I watched recently called “Babies”. It chronicles the lives of 4 babies born at the same time in different countries (2 of which were the United States and some country in Africa). The African baby literally has nothing. Barely any clothes. They showed the mother wiping it’s butt on her leg at one point. And yet, they were all happy. When you see the amount of stuff at a baby shower in juxtaposition to that, it’s just kind of shocking. Not that I’d want to live like African family but it’s just an interesting comparison. That’s all. I realize that’s probably an odd thought during a baby shower but somehow it popped into my head.

Ulysses got home early from work so we all hopped in the truck to go mow the lawn at our rental property. Well Ginger and I went for a walk, Ulysses mowed the lawn.IMG_0757

Ginger has a weird obsession with pick-up trucks. She hates jumping in any other kind of car but any truck Ulysses brings home she’s in within a second of the door opening.

This is our seating arrangement in the truck.


I get bitch and Ginger gets the entire passenger seat. Seriously.

It’s actually because Ginger had gone to work with Ulysses a bunch of times before I ever needed to sit in the truck and by then the passenger side was covered in dog hair to the point that had I sat in it I would’ve emerged a weimaraner. So instead of putting a towel down, I just sit in the middle. Smile

After all the mowing was done, we decided to try out this cheap theater nearby that plays movies that are a few months older than the regular theater. It’s $3 a ticket so we figured if it was gross and disgusting we could always just leave.

First, dinner at Panera.


I have to get their lobster sandwich at least once in the summer. It’s expensive for Panera, but pretty cheap in the world of lobster considering how much you get and it’s really good.

My smuggled-from-home movie snacks.


Who brings fruit to the movies?

And then 2 hours with my man Bradley.


Honestly, when Ulysses said he wanted to see Limitless, I had no idea what it was about but, the second he said “Bradley Cooper and DeNiro are in it” I had no more questions and it wasn’t because of DeNiro. His character makes him even hotter than usual in this movie. If you’re a Bradley fan I suggest checking this out. Winking smile 

The movie itself was actually pretty good too. It was one of those movies that have just enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes and interested but still understanding. Not one that’s so freakin confusing you have no idea what’s going on or what’s real or not (Inception anyone??). 

$6 movie total + 2 hours with Bradley = one good night!

We’re off to the lake for the first time this summer for some sun and jet-skiing. Can’t wait!

Favorite actor to stare at for 2 hours?



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11 responses to “Limitless

  1. We saw Bradley Cooper and DeNiro filming that movie in Philly last year!! I got so excited 🙂

    That first pic is gorgeous! What a breakfast!

  2. I totally bring fruit to the movies! Though it’s usually covered in chocolate 🙂

  3. I ALWAYS bring my own snacks to the movies! Usually a small bag of popcorn… and piece of dark chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth!

  4. Cool film! My favourite actor to stare at for a few hours? Would have to be Jason Statham 🙂

  5. Those pancakes are out of control- yum! 🙂

    This is cliche, but Brad Pitt is always a winner in my book!

  6. Ryan Reynolds…I keep trying to convince Mike to see the green lantern and he doesn’t understand why I want to see it so badly lol.

  7. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Umm, LOVE Bradley Cooper!!! Yum! Lol! And Ryan Reynolds, too. There are just way too many hot guys to pick just one 😉 That breakfast looks amazing! I hope you had fun on the lake was a gorgeous day for it!

  8. YUM! THese pancakes look amazing. I love breakfast at any time of the day. It’s definitely my all time favorite meal

  9. Yum!…. Bradley Cooper that is. Ryan Reynolds isn’t bad to look at. Josh Lucas, be still my heart. The guy from Sweet Home Alabama….
    And, I still have a crush on Zack Morris. Yep, this married woman still loves the Zack Attack! 😉

  10. Hmm, Bradley is up there! But I still love Robert Downey Jr in anything. I’ve loved him since he was in Less Than Zero in the 80s. That man ages well!

  11. I’m with you on Bradley Cooper! Love Ryan Gosling too.

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