Mud, grass, sauce & sprinkles

How do you like that randomness for a title?

After leaving Ginger at home on Sunday for 9+ hours I felt like I owed her one. So after work I sucked it up and put her in my car for the 2 mile drive to the bike trail. I had done a quick 25 HIIT run on the treadmill earlier and wasn’t feeling much else besides a walk.


Doesn’t she look thrilled? For 2 miles I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other keeping her wet little nose from touching my dash everywhere.

The damage:

photo 2 

And I thought I lost a lot of hair! You can bet I wiped that off within 2 minutes of being home. I kind of have OCD tendencies with keeping my car clean. It probably stems back to my childhood and a father that wouldn’t let us eat in the car or get in with dirty feet. I blame you, dad.

photo 5

Ginger enjoyed the hour walk minus the bikers. She’s a little skittish around them. Not sure what a bike has ever done to her but she apparently found them scary enough to hide between my legs anytime one would pass. Wuss.

We stopped by the creek that runs under the bike path at one point to let her have a drink since it was kind of hot out and she was panting like crazy.

photo 4

And this is the payback I got.

photo 6

A bike went by on the bridge above us while she was drinking and rang it’s stupid little bell horn which freaked Ginger out and she jumped out of the creek, flinging mud all over me. So then I had a wet, muddy dog and muddy sneakers going into the car! We both got hosed down when we got home.

Oh, but the fun did not end there! Fast forward about an hour and I’m outside grilling dinner when Ulysses comes home and Ginger runs onto the deck to see him. That’s when he points this out.


Can you see it? ASS GRASS!  And yes, I’m holding her tail up so I can get a better picture. Wouldn’t you? This has happened before so Ulysses knows full well I draw the line here. Ass grass removal is his job. I just take pictures and blog about it. That piece of grass ended up being a good 6 inches long (guess we don’t mow the grass often enough). Perfect dinner time entertainment.

Speaking of dinner, we had roasted vegetables and tofu on the grill with Mmmm Sauce. I’m starting to think I should rename the blog to “Running to Mama Pea’s Kitchen” considering how many recipes I make of hers. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it though, right? I actually saw Caitlin post about it yesterday and finally decided to take matters into my own hands and make it myself instead of drooling over everyone else’s.


There’s a reason it’s called “Mmmm Sauce”. It is tasty! So tasty that I was lamenting the fact I couldn’t get it all out of the blender without risking some digits.


Does it drive anyone else crazy that you can’t get the stuff under the blade out?


I pretty much slathered it on everything. This was the first time I grilled tofu and all I did was season it with olive oil, salt & pepper. I purposely kept it simple because I knew this sauce was going on top of everything anyway. It reminded me of a sauce you’d find in an Indian dish. Loved it. Glad there is at least a cup left in the fridge.

And since it was the first day of summer and all, this was necessary.

photo 8

And promptly devoured in about 3 minutes.

Happy Summer!


Sprinkles or Jimmies? Sprinkles!!!

Would you pull grass out of your dog’s butt? Heck no, that’s what husbands are for!



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38 responses to “Mud, grass, sauce & sprinkles

  1. Sprinkles!

    OMG, ass grass!! I can’t say I’ve ever pulled grass out of bungee’s butt, she likes it to come out in clumps lol.

    I’m telling you, you need the hammock for your car. Here:

  2. Ugggggg– our dog eats TONS of grass in the summer, so we’ve dealt with ass grass on multiple occasions. So nasty. Dogs are so lucky they have us 🙂

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  4. hhaa oh wow. great story girl ha- and i agree w/ the cleaning butt part..its what the boy is for 😉

  5. I always feel so guilty when I leave Niko at home! I’m sure she appreciated the trip:) And yes! It totally drives me crazy that I can never completely empty out the blender 😛

  6. DEFINITELY sprinkles!! And that’s my go-to ice cream item of choice too – cone with sprinkles – can’t go wrong 🙂

    I LOVE Ginger. She’s just too adorable. I love the mud on your shoe picture. Ginger’s probably snickering in the background being like “YES! PAYBACK!” Haha.

    That sauce looks amazing and I’m pretty sure I need to make it like right now (and proceed to slather it all over everything as well 🙂 )

  7. Jess Hill

    Absolutely Jimmies 🙂

    BTW, I really enjoyed the transition of Ass Grass to Mmmm Sauce – kinda looked like Ginger made the Mmmm Sauce.

  8. “Ass, grass, or gas, no one rides for free!!” – shirt I saw at some hippy store, and immediately thought of reading this post.

  9. Hahahaha. Love that you took a pic of the ass grass. Since we live in the city, we don’t have ass grass, but Izzy has her fair share of unpleasant ass problems.

  10. Hahaha! I love love that your pictures went from ass grass to a picture of delicious food! P.S. where is that icecream from?? It looks soo good!

  11. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Hahaha!! I LOVE that you took a picture of the ass grass!!! 🙂

  12. MMmmm that sauce + tofu looks awesome. Not sure what I would do about the ass grass situation. That’s a man job.

  13. Hahahaha 😀 Ever since I saw that on Julie’s blog I have thought it was the funniest thing EVER! That is great that you even lifted her tail…proud Mom, huh?! 😉
    Cute blog, so glad I found it!

  14. HAHAHA yes, ass grass!! I love it. I wonder if my dog has ever had it…I’m scared to get close enough to look.

  15. I’m a vanilla-cone-dipped-in-sprinkles girl too 🙂

    Btw, very fitting title!

  16. What are jimmies? Another word for sprinkles? Sorry about the mud, but I’m with Ginger – bikes sometimes freak me out. They whiz by me sooooo fast on the trail by my house. Yikes!

  17. You need a Magic Bullet! Then you don’t miss any of that goodness under the blades. Oh, and Hi! I just found you over at PBF. Nothing like ass grass to bring bloggers together.

    Oh, and … sprinkles! Although, the first time I heard jimmies was on the Simpsons. Maybe that’s a New Jersey thing?

    • haha a bond over ass grass, who knew!? Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I think the sprinkles is a southern Jersey, PA thing b/c I went to college in central PA and most people called it Jimmies. It was the first time I even heard that as an option!

  18. Holly @ pink runner

    Haha I love ginger and her ass grass 🙂

  19. Definitely sprinkles!!! You are making me crave soft serve!!

  20. I’ve always called them jimmies. No one else I know calls them that (except my family) and people actually look at me like I’m nuts when I say it.

  21. I’m both flattered and disgusted. But mostly flattered 🙂

  22. OMG Gina I did NOT need that a$$shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Seriously, I was reading and then i saw a picture of, what I assumed, was you holding Ginger’s ear. So I looked closer at my pc. Then a little closer. But I couldn’t figure out what you were showing so I decided to keep reading. ASSGRASS! EWW!!! I practically has my nose in the computer! lol

  23. Hahaha ass grass!!! How funny! Poor Ginger has no dignity left! 😀 Although you think a 6 inch piece of grass is bad… Oscar eats hair… my friend with the longest blonde hair stayed over a while ago. A few days later I caught Oscar frantically doing the bum shuffle around our living room trying to get rid of this long long piece of hair that was hanging out of his ass! Haha! LOVELY! And I have no idea what Jimmies are so I’ll go with sprinkles! 🙂

  24. Gina,
    I’ve just taken up running as a way to get back in shape. I can’t say that I enjoy it at this point, but I know it’s probably one of the best things to do (besides portion control, especially on the things that I bake – lol).
    Glad I found your site – I’ll be back!

  25. It if was that far up her butt did it really need to come out? Gross! This is why I cannot have kids or dogs!

  26. So glad I found your blog! I have two weimaraners so I totally feel your pain! Lots of running and park time to help expend their energy (and mine)!

    • I love finding other weim owners! I feel like only people who own them can relate to all their quirks 🙂 They are insane, but so much fun.

      • Exactly! Don’t you just hate when people say things like weims are stupid?!?! Actually, they’re too smart for their own good and choose whether to listen. I love our babies though!

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  28. Hmm it appears as though your site dined on my own primary review (it seemed to be very long) so i speculate I’ll simply just sum it up exactly what I had created composed and also declare, I’m carefully experiencing your blog.

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