Father’s Day

Like most everybody else, we spent yesterday honoring the dads in our lives.


Ha! Got ya mom! At least we don’t think he’s a dad yet?? Winking smile

Of course, no get together in our family is complete without the canine brood.

You already know these two, Sugar & Switch.


Let me introduce Mack, Claire’s son (we like to keep it in the family here).


Adrian & Doreen’s puppy who just turned 1. He has many talents including plastic bottle domination in 1 minute flat.


And way more impressively, hammock acrobatics.


He’s a pretty cool dog.

Ginger missed all the fun today. She got to spend 9+ hours at home because I’m too lazy to clean up the massive amount of dog hair that would’ve been in my car if we took her. Dog mommy fail.

It was a gorgeous day and we just sat, chilled, ate and drank. Smile



Do we look alike?


Classic Sal pose. No doubt telling some ridiculous story.

Hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day, especially mine. Smile And, thank you Adrian and Doreen for hosting at your lovely house!



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18 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Mack is awesome!

    You should get a “hammock” for your car like we have, it’s machine washable and then there’s no dog hair in the car. It’s awesome.

  2. Dads are awesome. I’m glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Mine was just as lovely! Have a great day!

  4. Tell Grandpa I miss him!!

  5. Kat

    They have car seat covers that might help with dog hair! We used to use one all the time- now we just throw the squirrels, err I mean dogs, in the trunk. It’s an SUV. Were nit killing the dogs. Lol

    • haha, I’ve thought about putting Ginger in the trunk (and mine’s NOT an SUV) before. And that’s why I shouldn’t have kids 😉
      I desperately want an SUV. I told Ulysses we need a car that accomodates our “family” and Ginger is part of our family so I think it’s time for a new car. He just rolled his eyes.

  6. barbara gubbay

    you need to print some of the photos. The one of you Adrian and dad, and the ones of you and grandpa.

  7. Ahh Mack is such a cutie! They all are! Our little one isn’e even big enough to jump on the sofa, let alone a hammock! 😀 Glad you had a fab time! And you look great in all the snaps btw! 🙂

  8. What a fun weekend! & you do look alike!

  9. Aw this looks like such a fun day!! The dogs are too cute 🙂

  10. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Aw! Looks like an awesome fun day you had!! 🙂 Love all the doggies!

  11. I love all the dogs! SOounds like a great Father’s Day–and yes, definitely lots of family resemblance 🙂

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and realized that we have to be friends….. that whole “got ya, mom” on the pic on this post!!! Seriously, too funny! I pull outlandish stuff all the time with my family. Good stuff right there!

  13. The three of you look so much alike!

  14. Looks like you guys had a great Father’s Day celebration! 🙂

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