Whole wheat sunflower bread

I’m 29. We have no kids. And yet my Friday night was spent roasting sunflower seeds and baking.


You see, I’ve had a container of sunflower seeds for about 6 months now. Raw, unsalted sunflower seeds. And, they were just not doing it for me. At 5:15pm on a Friday night I found myself face to face with said seeds in the pantry and had an epiphany. Roast them! Salt them, cover them in olive oil and roast them! And, that’s exactly what I did.


They tasted amazing as I ate them one by one off the sheet pan and I probably should’ve stopped there, got showered and convinced Ulysses we should go out like oh, you know, the rest of the young, childless population on a Friday night but, no. Somehow I found myself searching for something to do with my now roasted, salted sunflower seeds.

And that something turned out to be this.


Whole wheat sunflower seed bread.


I don’t think I can adequately put words to how amazing this is straight out of the oven with some butter and agave on top. Pure bliss.


If staying in on a Friday night to bake this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

We may be lame, but at least we eat well.


What did you do on your Friday night?



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16 responses to “Whole wheat sunflower bread

  1. ha, i can totally relate! i spent friday baking apple pie with my boyfried – rather, STARTING to bake apple pie. we’ve got the dough ready to be rolled and the apples ready to fill the pie. now we’ve gotta do the lattice. last night’s top chef finale and exhaustion was our main distraction, so saturday AM pie baking it is. yes, i’m getting old.

    this bread looks great! perfectly acceptable friday evening fun, in my book.

  2. Ok, i’m getting a complex! Everybody can bake bread, but me! I have to rectify this, and soon, and if it comes out like a brick again i’l cry! 😀 And don’t worry our friday night was also filled with similar old age activities! 🙂 Think I need to go have a cocktail now just to remind myself that I’m 25! haha!

  3. not lame to me perfect night! and are you reading my mind i have been thinking so much lately about sunflower seeds haha 🙂

  4. I’m 26. We have no kids and my Friday night was spent eating baked goods and watching Glee.

  5. Not lame at all in the least!

    At least these carbs don’t leave a hangover.. haha

  6. ooh this looks so great I would love it slathered with sunflower seed butter yum!

  7. Haha….love everything about this post 🙂

  8. Yum! Does it have a hearty/savory flavor? I bet it’s filling.

  9. That bread is so beautiful! I can almost smell it from here. I’m such a homebody…my best Saturday nights involve a book and some snacks.

  10. I stayed in last night too only I was watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I wish I was doing something as productive as making delicious looking bread! 🙂

  11. I stayed home last night and didn’t do anything! Wash I would have baked something as amazing as this! 😛

  12. Haha, I’m 21 and staying in to bake is my idea of a good night 🙂

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  14. Oh my that looks AWESOME! I love sunflower seeds so much and your pictures make it look even more amazing. I’m a little disappointed that I did not get a piece of this on Saturday though…

  15. Some of our friends were having a little BBQ Friday night, but normally we stay in as well! Blogging and cooking have taken over! Haha

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