Oh, New York City.


You will forever be a place I regret not living for at least a year.


When I was 22 and graduating college, more than anything, I wanted a job in a city, where I could work in a glamorous high rise building, pay exorbitant rent, take a subway to work, have drinks outside in the summer with friends & coworkers and eat at every amazing restaurant around. I got 3 job offers my senior year, 2 in cities and 1 in Madison, CT. Guess which one I picked? In retrospect, I probably picked the best “job”, but I will always regret not living in a city at some point in my life. Ulysses absolutely despises cities. Part claustrophobia, part obsession with land, garages, and cars. So we will never live in a one, and to be honest, at this point in my life it wouldn’t make sense but, at 22 and single it would’ve been cool for a little bit.

Living only a little over an hour away by train, I try and find any excuse to get into the city and yesterday I had a good one! I met my friend Corinne, who I hadn’t seen since her wedding in November, for dinner at Tao. Corinne actually lived in Florida the same time we did. She was my only friend down there and we bonded together over our hatred for FL and desire to move back north (my, how things have changed since then, for me at least Winking smile). We both enjoy food as much as the other so our get togethers are usually centered around a good meal.


The atmosphere at Tao is pretty cool. It’s almost pitch black inside (hence the dark pics) but then there is this giant buddha statue that is literally 2 stories high with those colored lights around it. We ate upstairs and with a 6pm reservation were one of the first people in there but it was packed by the time we left.


I started with a Bamboo Gingerita.


Delicious. Kinda strong, but that just means I only need one then. Smile 

I try to take advantage of any chance to have tempura. It’s one of the few fried things I actually really like, mainly because it’s usually so light. So we decided to split a sweet potato tempura as an appetizer.


Unfortunately, it was super greasy. Still tasty, but I’m pretty sure tempura is supposed to be a bit lighter than what we got.

We also split a spicy tuna roll that was really good.


Shoestring onions on top? Yes, please.

Ok, I have a pad thai weakness. Anytime I see it on a menu I feel like I have to get it. It’s something I would never make at home and I just absolutely love it. Funny side note though, although I’ve never had any allergic reactions to food, I’ve been tested for allergies multiple times for my shots and each time it comes back saying I’m allergic to soy and peanuts. The doctor doesn’t get it and I continue to eat both without any reactions. Every time I order pad thai though I think to myself, “what if this is the time I react?” and then check to make sure I have my inhaler with me before I stuff my face. Well, I saw pad thai tonight and came sooo close to getting it but ended up with the wasabi filet with tempura onion rings instead. Corinne actually got the pad thai though so I got to taste it. Both meals were great. My beef was cooked perfectly and the wasabi crust was just enough to taste, not incredibly overpowering as wasabi can sometimes be.


Neither of us was really feeling dessert, although the people next to us had this giant fortune cookie filled with chocolate mousse that looked pretty cool.

Corinne caught a cab to the bus station and I had enough time to walk the 16 blocks back to Grand Central day dreaming about the city and pretending I lived there.


Maybe in another life?


Do you live in a city? Love it? Hate it? Where was your first job?



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22 responses to “Tao NYC

  1. I’m with Ulysses, no gracias on the city. My sister lived there for a couple of years, so I visited her, but I always feel so dirty and claustrophobic when I’m there. Plus, there’s no grass! 🙂

    Looks like a fun night. The food looks amazing!

  2. I never had the desire to live in a city. I grew up in a suburban area.. and loved it. I like having a car .. and dont think I would care for the hustle and bustle in the city. I’ve got friends that live in the city so I can visit when I want!

    But wait. Maybe I knewthis already and am exhibiting signs of memory loss.. You live in Madison!?!

    • Not anymore. I lived in New Haven when I worked in Madison. Then I moved to FL (worked for the same company but from home), then I moved back to NY (where I’m from) b/c the company opened an office here. So it’s still headquartered in CT (Guilford now) but I work in our NY office.
      btw- there are 4 of us (Kari & Kat are 2 of them who are frequent commenters) who work together and blog and we’re meeting up with some other CT bloggers this saturday at a vineyard nearby. Let me know if you’re interested I’ll give you info! And if not this time hopefully the next meet-up?

  3. Cool restaurant! I’m not in the city now – just the ‘burbs, but I lived in the city for a couple months before finding my house. It cost a lot, and I don’t mean just the rent. It was sooooo easy to go out for drinks or out to eat that I blew a bunch of extra money on that.

  4. Definitely don’t regret not living in a city. It’s a great place to visit (and maybe live for like 6 months) but it’s not the best place to actually LIVE IN. I speak from experience – I lived in Midtown when I first graduated and have since moved to Hoboken, NJ because it’s much less city-ish. But then again I went to school in Boston so big-city gal I am not 🙂

    Also, I’m originally from CT so I totally support your decision to take a job there. Haha 😉

  5. I live in a city right now- Chicago, and while I love it I could never live more than a few years in the urban jungle.

  6. Thanks for the review! I really wanted to try Tao when I was in Vegas to no avail. I am hoping to try it this time around though 🙂

  7. I moved to the “big city” at 19… and while it was fun back then, I’m kind of over it 8 years later… CUrrently moving back to my smalltown hometown and couldnt be happier, but the big city DEFINITLY has it’s perks!

  8. Taralyn

    I love living in a city and talk about how great it is with my city friends often. Of course I appreciate it way more when it’s beautiful out (like right now). It’s a little tougher in January when I’m trudging to work in snow and foul weather!

  9. I always wanted to live in NYC and have the same “what if” regret about not being it right after college. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, but it just isn’t the same as glorious New York City. I got to travel there a lot for work a few years ago which was a blast. Long story short – I will never live there at this point, so I’ll just have to try and visit whenever I can!

  10. Okay the place looks absolutely amazing and I’m very jealous. But I have to comment on the hubs thing and cities. I’ve always wanted the same thing (except I would settle for Boston or NYC, although I prefer LA or San Diego). Jon, too, is a country pumpkin that literally turns into a stressed out mess any time that we are in the city, so that’s out. (He also won’t move any place more than an hour or so away from his folks which totally puts a downer on my plans to move to Cali). I, on the other hand, would pack up all my stuff and move to a city if someone would let me (I know I know, he doesn’t have to “let me” but I enjoy being married to the guy, sue me). I wouldn’t even let something like my age, baby, or my dogs stop me. I think raising a kid in the city would be SO MUCH FUN! So, if you ever want to ditch the garage-loving country pumpkins and go out to the city, you have my # (I know that because it’s in Sharepoint..haha)

  11. Mmmhhh now you’ve made me miss NY all over again! :/ Goddamnit why are visas so hard to get?! That restaurant looks lovely and I so know what you mean about pretending you live there… thats exactly what I did all through our trip. Although the constant picture taking might have given the game away! 😉 Have a fab time at your bloogers meetup! I’m very jealous, especially as your holding it at a vineyard! Boooo! Have a glass of wine for me! 🙂

  12. barbara

    Funny I only remember the drink I had at Tao peach something and very good and yes strong> only needed one, good thing because it was tres cher. I remember your dad had the Kobi Beef. very good and again tres cher
    I’m with you Gina.always wanted to live in NYC for a yr or two..never did.:(

  13. I have lived it in a big city and now I live in a town and like it. NYC is one city, i would love to live.

  14. I’ve never been to NYC, but from your pictures it looks wonderful. I’d love to visit one day. The restaurant you ate at looks super delicious. I absolutely love pad thai it’s one of my favorite dishes. As for the tempura I’m yet to try finding a place that serves it light. Most of the tempura dishes I’ve ordered has been drowned in oil and isn’t quite light.

  15. You are so right. Cities are fun! I used to live in Boston and miss it so badly!

  16. i visited nyc once (i live in wisconsin) and i loved it! i don’t think i could ever live there, but i would love to go there more often.

  17. I thought the same thing — all i wanted was to live in or right outside of the city… so bad! and i’ve been stuck moving to the most backwards towns ever… girl i feel ya on the train ride – i have to drive so so far to get into town just to get groceries or for a night out! eep!

    feeling your pain!

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