A run for sanity

Summer wrote back:

“Step off woman. I have 6 days before I need to get my act together. Between now and then I can mess with you as much as I like. Hope you enjoyed yesterday.”

I was like, “You’re a sarcastic one huh? Fair enough. I’m eventually moving back to Florida anyway, where your customer service is much better.”


Ever have those days where it’s just one thing after another at work? You get something done only to have 3 more things get added to the list and they get increasingly harder? Yeah, that was yesterday for me. And if you’re sitting there thinking “I have no idea what she’s talking about” please leave a comment letting me know who to send my resume to. Ok? Thanks.

I used to just get wrapped up in it all and sit at my desk plowing through the work until it was all done. No breaks for lunch, bathrooms only if absolutely necessary. And then I realized that’s probably not the healthiest/sanest way of dealing with the stress. So, yesterday I pulled myself from the desk at noon and decided to go for a lunch time run. Since summer was all MIA again yesterday it was actually perfect running weather, low 60’s and cloudy.

Quick fuel:


I honestly never thought we’d finish this ridiculously huge bag of dates from Sam’s Club but somehow we’re down to the last few. It only took 5 months. I can’t wait for that bag to be out of my fridge!

Signs you’re on a “frustration run”:

1. Your playlist consists of Linkin Park and Florence and the Machine on repeat. Bieber just isn’t cutting it this time.

2. You look down at your pace about 3/4 of a mile in and realize you’re running a 7:54. Effortlessly.

3. Simultaneously, the skies open up with a downpour & a gust of wind so strong it could keep you running in place kicks up and your reaction is to look up at the sky and say “Bring it bitches!” –> Seriously, I did this. After I looked around to see if anyone was nearby.

4 miles and 34 minutes on the dot later I was a soaked, sweaty mess. And it felt oh so good.


Hi, awkward self portrait!

Quick shower and back to work. Smile

It doesn’t make the to-do list any shorter but it sure helps my mental state for the rest of the afternoon.

Jillian and I had a date after work to just chill out some.


I probably should’ve done a yoga download instead because that lady’s voice is much more soothing than Jillian’s annoying voice screaming “I want heart rate up people! And, that’s why we rep it out!”

And then, I did what every person with a bad day should do.

Baked cookies.


Emily’s recipe for coconut oil almond butter chocolate chip cookies immediately caught my eye when she posted it yesterday. Coconut and almond butter in chocolate chip cookies? What’s not to love about that? I followed the recipe exactly except I used a real egg instead of a flax egg. I still licked the batter, oops!


I think most people have a go-to chocolate chip recipe. I, however, like to try a new one each time. There are thousands of variations out there, why not try a few new ones? I don’t mind healthy substitutions for most things, but when it comes to chocolate chip cookies I want it to still taste like a chocolate chip cookie. No oats, no applesauce. Butter, sugar and chocolate chips please. Subbing the butter for almond butter and coconut oil worked though in this case.

3 of these with some vanilla ice cream. Now that’s how you end a bad day. Smile

Today should be better though because even if work still bites, I’m meeting a friend in NYC for dinner at Tao!

How do you relieve work stress? Do you have a go-to chocolate chip recipe? Link up if you want to share it!



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17 responses to “A run for sanity

  1. Does Bieber ever really cut it?

    I felt like that on Monday. I probably should have gone for a run at work. I need to start bringing emergency running clothes.

  2. barbara gubbay

    Have you been to Tao yet? You’ll love it. Bring your wallet though!

  3. Working out definitely relieves stress…or maybe a good beer. 😉

  4. Working out helps getting rid of stress and makes u feel wow

  5. I totally went on one of those runs after work on Monday. It’s amazing how you turn into a “super runner” when you are stressed out or angry. I might have to try your cookies now!

  6. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    So glad you were able to relieve some stress with that run!! 🙂 This week seems like one of those weeks for everyone…I know it is for me!! It can only get better from here, right? 🙂

  7. I doubt it was a bad day anymore! A good run *and* cookies?!? Perfect ending. Sorry it started out so crappy.

  8. Okay – so many things! First of all, I LOVE dates and peanut butter! Such an amazing snack. Second, I made cookies last night too! Third, working out (or just moving in any way) listening to good music on my ipod is my GO-TO stress reliever. I used to go out for nice pounding-the-pavement-runs but since my injury I unfortunately can’t do that anymore so I just have to take nice pound-the-pavement-walks. Haha. Does that trick alright I guess 😉

  9. I love it! Your face says it all! ‘Yeah! Whut! Yeah I ran that time! Bitchesssss!’ haha! Great job luv! Oh and Linkin Park and Florence are always on my playlist! ‘Dog days are over’ is one of my faves to run to!

  10. I go out to Starbucks…sometimes in the middle of the day. I used to run at the beach (and I’m going to today) because that always seems to chill me out. I really need some chilling out after yesterday’s work day.

  11. i’m trying to make 41 different choco chip cookie recipes in 2011. i agree – so many out there, why keep making the same one? (although people complain that i won’t make favourites!)

  12. Those cookies look fabulous girl 🙂 There’s nothing better than a good workout after one of those frustrating days

  13. I agree if you want to do yoga to relax you don’t want to hear Jillian’s voice but the workout is good.

    Love those baked cookies!

  14. Haha I’m sure Jillian’s yelling wasn’t too soothing. Is it a good yoga workout? I get bored with yoga DVDs and would rather just find a new one on yogadownload.com to use.

  15. I buy six pound tubs of dates and I go through them in about a month! I would have finished off that bag super quick 🙂

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