Flyin’ first class…

I did it! I actually woke up to workout early yesterday morning. I am not a morning person. AM workouts just don’t happen for me. I’m lethargic and tired, not fresh and awake like all you morning workout peeps out there say you are. My body just cooperates better in the afternoon. So this was a huge feat for me! This is how I felt about it at 6 but, that’s how committed to NWOLFW I am. Smile


Hello bags under eyes!

It was a long day of flying and waiting in airports. The worst part about flying the entire day and gaining 3 hours is how much more I want to eat. I left my house at 8am and didn’t get to bed in LA until midnight pacific time. Being awake that long means my body wants an extra meal! One of the redeeming features of the Delta terminal at JFK is it’s amenities when it comes to food. The terminal itself is absolutely disgusting. It’s old, dingy and there are literally birds flying throughout the terminal like it’s an aviary or something .With birds comes bird crap. In the terminal. Gross. But, the kiosks with coconut water and Food for Life chips make up for it. As long as I don’t get crapped on.

My first meal (after breakfast at home) was lunch. Consumed in comfort.

leg room

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pics. I was being “stealth blogger”. Whipping out a camera in a plane just seemed awkward.

See that? That’s a first class seat and a bulk head row. Doesn’t get much better. Smile Anytime I get upgraded to first class I immediately start singing Black Eyed Peas “Glamorous” in my head. Flyin’ first claaass up in the sky….

full lunch

The sandwich was kinda nasty. Only ate about 2/3 of it.

I had a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis so that required some nourishment too.


Have you tried their new Frappuccino flavor, mocha coconut? It is worth every single calorie good! This is probably only the second Frappuccino I’ve ever had but I can guarantee you I will be having more now that this exists. After nursing that bad boy and getting some work done for an hour or so, I got bored.

Want to know how to kill some time in the Minneapolis airport if you ever happen to be stuck there for 3 hours? Walk the entire airport 3 times. It’s a huge square shape. If you don’t take the moving walks it will take you about 15-20 minutes. Do that with a carry-on, a computer bag and a purse and you’ve got yourself a nice little impromptu workout! It felt good to move around a bit considering how much time I spent sitting all day.

My flight to LA didn’t depart until 5:30pm which was really 6:30pm for me so of course I was getting hungry but I had plans to grab dinner with my coworker once we got to LA. Enter hummus, veggies and pretzels.

snack hummus

I love these new little hummus packages Sabra now sells. Perfect for traveling and double score that the kiosk had a veggie platter (even though I found a tiny fly stuck to the last vegetable in the tray when I was eating it). It was the perfect amount to hold me over until LA. Love how veggies fill you up but have such a low calorie content.

Dinner was actually the best meal of the day and guess what? No picture! Ahh bad blogger! It’s just not second nature yet for me to take pictures of everything. I didn’t remember until we were done and in the car. But visualize an Asian/Mexican food truck turns bricks and mortar and you’ve got Komodo, the place we ate in LA. Small joint with good, food truck quality eats. I had a brown rice bowl with some awesome spicy seasoned shrimp and shared some truffle fries with my coworker.

Julie inspired me with her post yesterday. Look out for a post later this week all about my feelings on my first month of blogging.

Do you workout in the morning or afternoon?

What are your go to foods/snacks while traveling?



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12 responses to “Flyin’ first class…

  1. I usually workout at night, but on weekends I try for morning so I have the whole day ahead of me. My morning workouts usually make me feel like a terrible runner, though, because my muscles are pretty much still asleep.

    When I’m travelling, I’m the crazy person bringing apples, granola, etc. onto the plane.

  2. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Look at you all fancy flyin’ first class 😉 Sounds like a long day of traveling but glad you made it safe and sound! And I am TOTALLY a morning workout person. I learned my lesson last nigth after work with a horrible run 🙂

  3. Kat @ Living like the kings

    I prefer to work out in am but right now it’s impossible to do. By the time the afternoon comes, I’ve come up with 5500 excuses. Now I’m committing to 3 days a week (last week I only managed 2 but I did walk 2-3 miles with baby stroller the other days). Pm on weekday and am on weekends.

  4. I’m a morning workout person all the way!!!

  5. I feel you with the traveling all day = eating way too many meals! You did so much better than me though at keeping it healthy! Well done for you and a big fat whoops for me! You will note how there was no ‘traveling to NYC’ post on my page! haha! I normally take fruit and nuts etc and then forget about them all rolling around in the bottom of my bag! :/

  6. Haha I’m with you on the taking food photos while flying. I always try to be sneaky about it because I get the weirdest looks! When I’m traveling my go-tos are most definitely energy bars, random Starbucks lattes/coffees and whole fruits. Oh and some trail mix 🙂

  7. I had to start my week traveling too. Thankfully, I got the upgrade as well. I love that Delta offers apples to their first class peeps for snack. Wish they did the same for those traveling in the back of the bus! Hope you enjoy Cali! 🙂

  8. Flossy Flossy…

    I’m a morning workout person. I feel so drained in the afternoon!

  9. Haha, the last time I flew I totally took a picture of my breakfast and totally humiliated my friend! I like to bring bars and fruits on airplanes. I need to have lots of snacks!

  10. I’ve been wanting to try the mocha coconut frap but I didn’t know if it was any good! Now that you approve, I must have one 😉 And I’m definitely a morning person. I love waking up with a sweat 😀

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