Going going back back to Cali Cali



So as you might’ve guessed, I’m currently in-flight to California for work. Or, actually Minneapolis for a lovely 3 hour layover and then to California. At least there will be good people watching potential. It’s going to be an almost 24 hour day once I get to sleep again but, let’s not dwell on that part.

I’m sorry to say there was no blog worthy food consumed or prepared yesterday as I was running around frantically trying to get ready for this trip at work and then at home. When you don’t eat lunch until 4pm you know it’s kind of a ridiculous day. I never understood people when they would say “I’m too busy to eat” or, “I just forget to eat”. Yeah, uh how? I would love someone to teach my stomach how to forget being hungry. I didn’t forget yesterday, in fact, I was very much aware from about 1:30-4pm as my stomach threatening to revolt if it didn’t get fed soon. I did find out though what it’s like to be too busy to eat. I love that my region for work is the west coast. I mean trips to Alaska, Cali, Oregon, Washington, what’s not to love? But, when the first 3 hours of your workday are spent sitting there waiting for the other side of the country to get to work because you can’t do anything until they’re in and you rush to try and fit 8 hours worth of work into 5 because you still want to leave at 5pm, it gets old pretty fast. Or, just makes for a really hectic day and no food until 4.

Then, of course there were other non-work related things that needed to get done.

allergy shots



What? You can’t go to Cali without a pedicure!

laundry (I actually had to wear a sports bra I’m pretty sure is from high school yesterday for my workout. That’s how desperate the laundry situation was)

water my poor plants who are not liking this 90 degree weather. Just look at the cilantro.


This is the second year I seem to have killed the cilantro. Not sure what’s going on with that. I have a pretty “green” thumb but, this herb just doesn’t seem to like me. Any ideas?

And speaking of plants, my first post was actually about planting all my pots. Exactly 1 month ago. (Happy 1 month blogging anniversary to me!) Look at how nicely they’ve filled in these past 4 weeks.




                             May 6th                                                                June 6th


This I’ve gotten pretty darn good at. I’ve been to Europe for 12 days packed entirely in a carry-on. A 4 day work trip is a cake walk. Smile


First, you have to pick. Brown or black. This simple decision eliminates the need for multiple shoes. Shoes take up a lot of room. And since my sneakers are a must for workouts on the road, I have to pare down in other areas. Meet my latest DSW purchase. These Nine West shoes were 40% off. I bought them in black too. They are soooo much better than a heel. Have you ever tried standing for 10 hours at a tradeshow booth in heels? M.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e In fact, probably the kind of torture I’d imagine hell to be. Wedges make it so much more bearable.

So brown/beige/camel it is!

Next up, pack only as many outfits as days you are there. I understand as women we like choices but, there’s no room for choices in a carry-on. Unless you want to be that person that can’t lift their luggage into the overhead because it’s too heavy. <—Huge pet peeve! Unless you’re like 90, if you can’t lift it, check it.


2 days of client meetings, 2 outfits. No if’s, ands, or buts. Make sure you like them before you pack them!

And, 1 cardigan that works with both outfits.


Can you tell what store I frequent?

Where you do get some leniency is in accessories Smile


They don’t take up much room but can change up the outfit dramatically just by a simple belt or different jewelry.

Same rules apply for workout gear (minus the accessories) and you’re all set!


I’ll be honest, I totally wanted to skip this because at this point it was 8:30pm and it was the last thing I wanted to do. I made a deal with myself to at least do a 20 min HIIT session on the treadmill and that’s exactly what I did. You never regret a workout!

At 9pm, the best I could do for dinner was some left-over gazpacho, snap peas, crackers and goat cheese. Random much?

Hoping for some in-flight wi-fi (which I now know means wireless fidelity) and some good people watching. See you from Cali!


What are your packing tips? Do you usually carry-on or check your luggage? Any good airplane stories? I have a ton! From seatmates refusing to discuss anything but religion, to freak-outs on the plane resulting in police boarding and then questioning me about the situation, to having dip spilled all over me from the 350+ lb man using it next to me. I could seriously write a book!



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18 responses to “Going going back back to Cali Cali

  1. You pretty much named all my packing secrets. The number one key is brown vs. black.

    I love watching my plants grow. Its amazing what one month can do. Everything looks good for me except that some animal is nibbling my basil. This is by far my favorite herb and I am getting a little peeved that this creature is destroying it.

  2. That’s pretty much exactly how I pack. I usually don’t pack pajamas either and just sleep in workout clothes so I can roll out of bed, hit the gym, and be done with it.

  3. Hahah! I love Ann Taylor Loft myself. So many work-appropriate choices that are also actually cute clothes!

    I’m totally with you with packing requirements – those are about all of mine too!

    I’m so jealous of your plants! We don’t have a deck or any sort of balcony but growing my own food (even if it’s just herbs!) is a huge goal of mine for the future.

  4. SkinnyRunner

    have fun out here in cali!

  5. Lifting my carry-on into the overhead is my least favorite part of traveling. I’m quite tall and have long arms, but am incredibly awkward and usually stumble and fumble around as I get it up there. Love flying Jet Blue as their attendants usually help, although it is embarrassing when a 5’3 petite flight attendant does a better job than I do!

    I have a pair of wedges just like yours…my favorite “heel” to wear as I can walk to work in them with no issues!

    Weather here is in the 90’s all this week and I’ll be away. Its a recipe for a dead basil plant when I return!

  6. Good airplace story…we met a guy in the hawaii airport who looked like steven seagull. He felt bad for us bc the airlines made a mistake and we missed our flight. He asked and paid for us to go to the sky lounge with him (it was a $100 a piece!)…it was glorious (drinks, food, snacks, tv) all on him! It’s true that there are good peple out there!

  7. Kat @ Living like the kings

    I’m such a shoe person that the idea of only packing one show is making me panic. I love that you pick brown or black that’s smart. And now I will make fun of Jk bc I can and it’s easy. When we pack, I get a sports bag or a carry on while he needs a huge suitcase. The man packs worse than most women I know. And I know some hefty packers.

  8. I always carry my luggage on with me. I don’t have unique airplane stories, just a few frustrating instances of lost luggage. They lost my luggage (which I tried to carry on until overhead bins got full) on my flight to Austria. Really? Vacation in Austria with no clothes?!? Luckily it came a day or two later.

  9. Just came across your blog…love it! I have a Vizsla…dog cousins!! Your pup is beautiful!!

  10. A pedicure is a must when jetting off to Cali; glad you got those priorities in order! Have fun and don’t forget to eat!

  11. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Happy 1 month Blogiversary! 🙂 Hope the flights weren’t too bad. I pack just like you…one outfit for each day I am there and that is it. My husband on the other hand is a TERRIBLE packer! The man wanted to pack sweatshirts and sweatpants for our trip to Florida!!! Seriously?!? The temps were 90 degrees the whole week…ugh! And I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft 🙂

  12. i love the brown vs. black tip! i haven’t traveled a lot, but have been more in the past couple years since i started going to conferences for grad school. i will definitely remember to choose brown vs. black next time!

  13. Welcome to California! 🙂 Too bad the weather is so horrible lately- June has crazy temperatures!

  14. I love California and I wish I could go back!!

  15. i love the loft! those outfits are adorable and i love the pedicure!

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