Ireland Day 6 & 7: Killarney

A lot of our last 2 days in Ireland were spent in the car driving from site to site. We left Cork after one last meal at the English Market for Killarney, detouring around the Ring of Kerry. I’d love to say how beautiful the scenery was and how much we enjoyed it but the weather was unbelievably horrific. Freezing, rainy and incredibly windy. Like 50-55 mph gusts. We stopped a few times to get out and take in the views, snap a few pictures, etc. but we were forced back into the car pretty quickly.



When coordinating the trip we had initially planned to stay in Galway one night before leaving so we could see the Cliffs of Moher but, then decided to cut out another hotel stay because 4 hotels in 7 days seemed a bit much. We settled on staying in Killarney 2 nights instead. That decision made for a long day in the car on Thursday driving from Killarney to the Cliffs of Moher and back. We knew it would be a long day but figured the Cliffs are the most “iconic” site in Ireland and we’d regret not seeing them. They were amazing but I can’t even describe how windy it was! At one point coming down from the viewing area the winds were so strong I literally couldn’t stop myself from being pushed down the hill and Ulysses had to “catch” me before I fell over. Even though we never got hit with a hurricane when we lived in Florida I think I now know what it feels like! I really wish it had been a nice day out and not so cloudy and foggy because the views were incredible.P1013132


Besides castles and cliffs, the thing we saw the most of on our trip was COWS (and sheep). When you see thousands, literally, I guess you’re bound to see this too.


She was not happy. When we came back from the Cliffs she was actually laying down. Smart girl. This was right next to the parking lot.

After the drive back to Killarney we ended the day with some local sites including Ross Castle and the Gap of Dunloe. The latter being an awesome view only 10 minutes outside downtown Killarney. Pictures don’t do it justice. Pictures actually don’t do many of the places we saw justice.




All the sheep are spray painted either red or blue. Anyone know why?


We ended our last night appropriately.


With an Irish coffee.

Ireland stats:

Scones consumed: 8

Cows & sheep seen: thousands

Rainy days: 7

Favorite new saying: “Cheers, thanks a million!”

Favorite beer: Beamish (I found a stout I like!)

Car “incidents”: 2

Workouts/runs: 0

Pounds gained: ?? Don’t want to know Winking smile

Great trip all around but I’m definitely looking forward to this 3 day weekend at home with temps in the 80’s and 90’s!! And eating something other than carbs for a few meals.

Normal running and “kitchening” to resume now. Smile

Have any of you been to Ireland? What was your favorite part? We all couldn’t pick just one.



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17 responses to “Ireland Day 6 & 7: Killarney

  1. What beautiful pictures! I have never been to Ireland but it is definitely a place where I will plan to go someday

  2. barbara

    don’t know about the sheep colors…but guessing boys/girls? would be hard to know otherwise with the wool so thick…anyone know for sure?

  3. Vickie

    I’m pretty sure the sheep are painted so that the farmers know which sheep are theirs. At least I feel like that’s what I was told. It could have also just been some Irishmen not wanting to look like they didn’t know their culture and made something up to appease me! 🙂

    • haha! Not sure I believe that certain Irishman’s answer…I still find it odd that they were only ever spray painted red or blue. And that there would be that much “mixing” of different farmers in one area. suspect Alan, suspect…

  4. I would love to go to Ireland. Odd about the sheep being painted though.

  5. That looks like such a fantastic trip! I’ve never been to Ireland, but I’d love to go. Even though I don’t look it, a lot of my ancestors are Irish! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. Ahhhh I love Ireland!!

  7. Hi there! New to your blog.. and just LOVE this post. I have only been to Ireland once.. a short 3 day visit to Dublin when I was on spring break in college. I really loved the city and had a great time just sightseeing and walking around the city. I don’t think I could pick a favorite part. I am mostly Irish though – and one day want to go back to better explore the country side – like you are!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Dublin and the other cities were great, but if you’ve been to a few European cities I kind of feel like you’ve been to them all. The countryside was definitely my favorite part of the trip. Hope you get back there one day!

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  9. OMG the cows LOL Your trip looks absolutely amazing

  10. I’ve been to Dublin and loved it! Can’t wait to go back and see more of the countryside!

    Wonderful pictures. The cliffs look great!

  11. I have been to Ireland. My favorite was Killarney National Park. I think that park is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. My pictures of our trip are here:

  12. I know why the sheep are painted! Actually how it works is they have a few different rams in the field in with the ewes for the purposes of mating. They put a different coloured dye on each ram’s belly, and when they mate with a ewe, the paint rubs off onto her back. Then, when the ewes get pregnant later, they know who the daddies are. I don’t know why I know this. But that’s why! 🙂

  13. Kate


    Your blog is amazing! I am really enjoying reading it.

    The sheep thing is so they know when the lambs are due, they change the colour depending on what date it is so they know when to bring the sheep closer to the farm near their due date so they are not having lambs on the mountains.

    Can you tell I grew up in sheep capital of the world Wales?


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