Doreen & the Blarney Castle tree

I hope this video comes across as funny to all you as it was to us. I showed some pictures of this tree at Blarney Castle a couple of posts ago but Adrian caught some footage of Doreen trying to get up on the branch for the picture that is too good not to share. In her defense, the branch does look much lower than it actually is (I tried getting up on it before she attempted) but Doreen just wouldn’t give up! This unfortunately is only the last couple of attempts, there were a few we didn’t catch on camera. Listen at the end to the (German?) lady offering to help Doreen because we were all just standing there laughing at her.

What you didn’t see at the end is Doreen slapping Adrian after her response to the woman because he was filming the whole thing instead of helping her. Priceless.



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4 responses to “Doreen & the Blarney Castle tree

  1. Patty

    Laughed and loved the video. That a girl Doreen never give up, even when it doesn’t seem possible! To add to the comedy of the situation, when Mac heard your voices, he woke up and started barking. He was so disapppointed to just find me! Safe trip home. Love to All

    • Aunt Claudia

      That was priceless!!! Doreen…you’re a good sport!!!! I have enjoyed your trip through these posts. Have a great “rest of the time”!!! Safe trip home!

  2. hahahah! would have done the exact same thing as adrian. that’s way too funny not to tape

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